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Are you interested in technology? Does programming intrigue you? Are you wondering what coding’s all about? Maybe you like to play video games, have an eye for good web design, are a social-media master, or are just curious about how things work on the inside.

We have a place for you: Break Through Tech Chicago. We seek to prepare more women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals with the undergraduate education they need to move into rewarding, highly compensated tech jobs after they graduate from college. Our program is housed in the computer science department at the University of Illinois Chicago, in the heart of the vibrant, diverse, and fast-moving third largest city in the United States.

“We need more women in technology. Most offices are male-dominant, which can be discouraging to those trying to pursue a career within this field. It’s always inspiring to see women leaders making an impact.”

Michelle Nguyen

UIC Computer Science major, Class of 2020

Ready to participate in Break Through Tech Chicago? Explore our programs to see where your interests might lie. If you are uncertain where to start, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get in touch.

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