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You’re nearly done with CS 111.

three Break Through Tech Chicago students working on their laptops at a workshopCS 111 is UIC’s first-level programming course, and you’re about to complete it. You know some Python. You’ve written code and gotten it to work. You’ve programmed things that are artistic or useful or entertaining.

Now you need to know: what’s next? Which new experience at UIC will further strengthen your tech knowledge while retaining the support you receive from Break Through Tech Chicago?


Up next: CS 141

two female students talk in the Engineering Innovation Building hallway, against a blue wall with the UIC Engineering logoSo far, you have learned about Python, one language that people use to tell computers what to do. Your next UIC courses will help you to become familiar with additional languages, such as C, C++, and Java.

In the second course in the sequence, CS 141, you will learn to program in C++. Curious what it will be like? You can search for beginner C++ videos on YouTube or explore an archived website from a past section of CS 141 taught by Dale Reed.

Are you ready to take CS 141 and choose a UIC major or minor in computer science or data science?

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Or, did you enjoy CS 111 but are still thinking about whether tech is for you? If yes, keep scrolling. The rest of this page may help.

You have potential.

Taking tech courses at UIC can make you a sought-after new hire.

Need proof? Below are six real job postings from companies that hire UIC students. A tech background could make you a candidate for these roles.

Software Engineer: $122,000 Business Analyst: $105,000 UX Designer: $91,000+
iOS Engineer: $102,000+ Jr. Data Scientist: $70,000+ Navigation Engineer: $99,000+

Words of wisdom from former students

Choosing a path in tech can feel confusing or even intimidating at this early stage. But don’t worry. That’s normal! Below, hear from recent UIC alumni about how they felt in the very beginning, and how they’ve succeeded since then. These videos were recorded during Dale Reed’s online CS 111 classes.

Figuring it out as you go

Anna Mukhina, BS ’13, grew up around computers but never saw them as being a part of her future career. In this three-minute video, Anna describes the twists and turns that took her from an undergraduate degree in economics to a career in tech.

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You’re on the road!

Sruti Bhagavatula, BS ’14, chose computer science because it was one of only two options available at her high school in India. But in trying it, she discovered the joy of writing small programs and getting them to work. (Sound familiar?) Today she is teaching computer science to new students at Northwestern.

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Courage to take the next step

Lydia Tse, BS ’20, MS ’21, realized after finishing her first undergraduate degree that she was interested in computer science. She made her way into CS by returning to UIC for a second bachelor’s! She talks about the value in pursuing something that interests you, even if it takes a lot of courage to do it.

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Something small to do today

If you’re still on the fence about CS 141, talk to us. The Break Through Tech Chicago team will set up an informal, one-on-one chat with one of us or with UIC’s friendly computer science advisors. We can explore your options and work together on a plan.

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In the meanwhile, find detailed information about what happens after you are done with CS 111 on our After CS 111: Helpful Guidance page.