Registering for CS 111 with Break Through Tech

Congratulations on your acceptance into CS 111!

This page will walk you through the registration process — how to actually get yourself into the Break Through Tech Chicago section of the class — and will provide information about fees and expectations.

  • If you are an incoming new UIC student, start at step 1.
  • If you are a current/returning UIC student, start at step 3!

Step 1 (new UIC students): Register for UIC Summer Session

Complete and submit the “Summer Session Only” application, which opens in February of each year for the following summer. We realize you are already admitted to UIC for the fall term. This is just an extra step that will make you eligible to register for summer classes.

UIC will waive the $25 summer application fee for you. All you need to do is choose the last option (“Offered UIC undergraduate admission”) when you reach this section of the summer application:

Step 2 (new UIC students): Transcript check

Ensure you’ve completed your summer application by uploading a copy of your high school transcripts. We suggest you speak to your high school counselor as soon as possible to secure a copy of your transcripts.

You check the status of your application for a decision. You should see a decision within two weeks of applying. If any documents are still required, it will be noted on your application status checklist.

The checklist may indicate that you need to provide college transcripts, but this requirement is waived for Summer Session Only applicants.

Step 3 (all students!): Register for summer CS 111

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your UIC credentials
  3. Scroll down to XE Registration / View Classes (in the left-hand menu) and select “Register for Classes”
  4. Under “Terms open for registration” select the upcoming summer term that is labeled Chicago
  5. The course numbers (CRN) must be entered manually, so type in both CRN 39783 and CRN 39784
  6. Select “Continue and Register”

We made this video if you would like to see the process in action!

Additional notes about fees

Break Through Tech Chicago will pay tuition and general fees for students who are accepted into CS 111 (CRN 23292/23291) for Summer Session 2.  Please email if a tuition charge appears on your account or still remains by the Friday before class begins. Please remember that Break Through Tech Chicago will only cover tuition and general fees for students who are given permission to enroll in the CRN above. If you register for other summer courses, you are responsible for all charges.

Break Through Tech Chicago will not pay for Campus Care or any other healthcare costs. UIC requires every registered student to have health insurance. Please visit Campus Care for more information about deadlines, requirements, and opt-out options, or contact the program directly at (312) 996-4915. Pay careful attention to all opt-out deadlines, waiver options, and instructions; Break Through Tech Chicago cannot advise you on Campus Care or other healthcare questions.

Break Through Tech Chicago will pay for Zybook, which you will need for our section of CS 111. Your instructor will provide additional information.


Please register for CS 111 as soon as possible after being accepted into the Break Through Tech Chicago’s special section. Any open seats that remain at the start of the summer term will be given to students on our waitlist.

Need help?

Email Melissa Hernández at with your UIN and your question(s).