Two students collaborate in a hands-on computing lab space at UIC


The tech world of tomorrow will look different. There will be more diversity: in gender, in background, in ways of thinking. It will be that way because of the important work we are doing here today.

Amita Shetty
Director, Break Through Tech Chicago

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A Break Through Tech Chicago Sprintern works at a laptop connected to larger monitor displays at the financial services firm PEAK6

Programming, preparation, and poker at PEAK6

Following a successful all-virtual Sprinternship™ in 2021, the financial services firm PEAK6 brought its 2022 Break Through Tech Chicago Sprinterns™ in house. The result? A rewarding tech immersion that combined programming experience and career preparation with one unusual ingredient.

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two women are smiling at eachother. Below them, two women are working on a computer. In the center, the title of hte article and the Break Through Tech logo.
National Story

A Foot in the Door: Employers Share their Sprinternship™ Experiences

As the weather warms up, many of our students are looking towards a major milestone in their career: their first summer internship. It’s a turning point for a college student, as that experience can give them the confidence they’re on the right career path and get them in an employer’s pipeline for future opportunities, or even full time employment. But for a lot of our students, summer internships seem impossible to land — that is, until they have a Sprinternship™ on their resume. 

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ladder-style wood blocks comprise one student's contribution to the Rube Goldberg project

CS 111 students ‘put it all together’ with micro-motion projects

It's the ultimate group project: designing a massive machine, with each component designed by one student, that performs one continuous chain reaction. Find out how students in UIC's introductory programming course did it.

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