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A graphic designer works on two large monitor panels with digital color samples out in front of her

You can combine the study of computer science or data science with whatever matters most to you.

A tech job doesn’t have to mean working for Google or Apple or Microsoft (though those are options, too!).

Tech-related jobs exist in every career field, from global tourism to graphic design to medicine.

Here are just a handful of literally thousands of examples:


Tech in healthcare

A doctor uses a computer to examine medical imaging dataTech shapes our health in countless ways, from new medical imaging techniques to apps that better connect patients with doctors. In the field of biotechnology, for example, technologists are creating artificial hearts that run on specialized software and are using tiny embedded computers to restore people’s senses of hearing or sight.

Tech in urban policy

Traffic speeds toward the city center of an unidentified metropolisMaking good decisions for cities requires us to envision the future. We can develop computational models that account for a profound range of human, economic, and environmental factors, and then use those projections to make decisions about everything from traffic-light timing to highway placement to drinking-water purification.

Tech in business

A woman talks to a client on the phone in a startup officeTechnology drives nearly every aspect of successful companies. This is true whether you are using artificial intelligence to better engage with customers, adjusting models to forecast smarter investments, harnessing the power of blockchain, or developing the new technologies that will become tomorrow’s consumer products.

Tech in the performing arts

A breakdancer in hot-pink pants and a blue shirt performs in an urban parkComputer programs control the lighting sequences that illuminate performances and the stage rigging that allows actors to seemingly fly through the air in Broadway plays such as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Dancers use motion-tracking technology to record performances for “movement libraries,” and music is composed in specialized software.

Tech in biology

A UIC bioengineering student works on a lab experimentComputational biology is a fast-growing field as scientists master the power of the human genome. You could help to develop new gene-sequencing technologies powered by machine learning, identify genetic markers that help to predict diseases, evaluate and model population-level health, or use data mining to improve cancer treatment.

Tech in photo and film

A female video editor processes footage on her laptopProgrammers recently introduced “neural filters” to Photoshop that allow us to alter a person’s facial expression or how old they look. Software lets us make fine-grained edits to film, eliminating or changing portions of a scene. Can you spot a “deep fake” video? An understanding of computing could help you to do just that.

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