Choose a major or minor

a young mentor in the computing field speaks to female and nonbinary students with two large panel monitor displays in the background

Declaring a UIC major or minor is the gateway to the rest of your UIC tech education.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on what you need to do.


Step 1

Choose a major or minor

You enjoy programming and are ready for more UIC coursework. Great! Now is the time to consider your academic goal: where you would like your UIC tech courses to lead.

Major options

Minor options


Step 2

Add your major or minor

Once you have a major or minor in mind, you will need to get that program added to your official UIC degree plan.

To add a major in computer science, computer science + design, or data science:

To add a computer science and linguistics major:

  • You will begin by having a one-on-one conversation with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ advisor for the major, Albert Hernández. Find all the instructions you need on this page

To add a computer science minor:

Important information for minors: when you read the UIC course catalog page for the CS minor, please note that you may now substitute MATH 165 Calculus for Business or MATH 170 Calculus for the Life Sciences for MATH 180 Calculus.

Note: It will take a bit of time for your selected major or minor to be added to your UIC program. (If you are changing UIC colleges to pursue your major of choice, that will take some time, too.) Once your major or minor is confirmed, you will be able to register for CS 141, the next course in the sequence toward whichever one you chose.

Step 3

Apply for a Sprinternship

Have you ever seen internship or job listings that say “experience required” and wondered to yourself, “Well, how do I get that experience?”

Break Through Tech Chicago Sprinternships™ are our answer to that question. These three-week micro-internships at Chicago-area organizations provide the first tech-oriented work experience on your résumé. They can help you to compete for full-length internships and (eventually) full-time jobs.

Bookmark our Sprinternships page and make note of the next application window so that you are ready to apply and participate!