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UIC women will be ready for the tech jobs of tomorrow.

Students who choose UIC are driven to do better. They have creativity and skill. They believe nothing should stand between them and their goals.

What does Break Through Tech Chicago bring to the equation?

An occasion to envision yourself in a tech career—along with the curriculum needed to thrive in that role and a supportive community that wants to see everyone rise.

Break Through Tech Chicago programs serve women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals who are in college and considering careers in computing and technology. We are especially committed to preparing Black, Latina, and Indigenous women with the education they need to bring diversity to the tech world. These are our current programs:


A five-day program designed to inspire your understanding of technology. Working in a small team, you’ll identify and break down a problem using “design thinking” to develop a technological solution. You might create an app prototype. You’ll explore different aspects of working in tech. Not yet sure whether a tech career is for you? Then Guild certainly is. This program welcomes UIC students and community college students. Learn more about Guild.

CS 111

Computer science may sound enticing, but committing tuition to a course you aren’t sure about might seem risky. We pave the way to your first experience with computer science by offering a tuition-free Break Through Tech Chicago version of CS 111, a first-level course that gives you an introduction to programming. It’s a perfect bridge into the field, showing that a CS major or minor can be both relevant and accessible.


What’s it like to work in a tech job? Find out. UIC’s and Break Through Tech’s connections with Chicago-area companies provide you with innovative, paid tech micro-internships that can help you get your “foot in the door.” You’ll complete the experience with a résumé credential that can turn your dream of a technology career into a reality. You will also enjoy special career-development programming. Learn more.


You can help to reshape the gender landscape in tech. But given the challenges of college—intensive coursework, family responsibilities, sometimes holding down a job—you might need an occasional reminder of your power within. You’ll want supportive friends. Wise mentors. Break Through Tech Chicago’s community programs can help you to develop the network, self-confidence, and strong principles you need to thrive in the tech world.

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