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Our programs serve women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals who are in college and considering careers in computing and technology. We are especially committed to preparing Black, Latina, and Indigenous women with the education they need to bring diversity to the tech world. These are our current offerings:

Chicago programs

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60 minutes


Next session: September 29, 2021, at 2 p.m.

What are sandboxes good for? They’re places to explore, to play with new things in a low-pressure, try-and-see space. Here, those new things are ideas and tools related to technology. Sandboxes are also great spots to meet people — in this case, your future classmates at UIC.

Program Participants

Would studying tech in college be fun? Useful for your future career? Right for you? Find out in Sandbox, a free 1-hour program that gets you on your way toward answering these important questions. Because this program is about taking your first exploratory steps in tech, it’s ideal for students who are finishing up high school or in their first two years of college.

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Shanon Reckinger of UIC computer science with her Guild participants shown in tiles on a live video chat screen
1 week


Our next Guild will take place in winter 2021

Guild is a free one-week program that allows you to explore tech and get a better sense of whether it's for you.

Program Participants

Guild is open to women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals who are freshmen and sophomores at UIC or students in Chicago-area community colleges. You can be enrolled in any major or minor — or have not even decided on a major yet.

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Two female students listen to a computer science lecture in a UIC classroom
4 weeks

CS 111

Applications are due each year in April.

If you’ve decided that a major or minor in computer science or data science is for you, CS 111 will lay the groundwork for the academic experiences that lie ahead.

Program Participants

Break Through Tech Chicago sponsors a special section of CS 111 in May and June that is open by application to women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals who plan to major or minor in computer science or data science. We cover the tuition cost for all participants who are accepted to this special section, providing a jump start toward the major or minor.

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A student using visualization equipment in a lab workplace setting
3 weeks in May


Applications are accepted each year in March

These quick (hence the sprint!) immersive paid internships give you work experience and a tech-industry résumé credential that can help you to land your first summer tech internship.

Program Participants

Sprinternships are designed for women (cis and trans) and nonbinary individuals who are current students at UIC. Applicants are more likely to be considered for a Sprinternship if they are a computer science major, a computer science minor, a data science major, or pursuing a significant amount of technical, computing-oriented coursework.

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Community programming

You can help to reshape the gender landscape in tech. But given the challenges of college — intensive coursework, family responsibilities, sometimes holding down a job — you might need an occasional reminder of your power within. You’ll want supportive friends. Wise mentors. Break Through Tech Chicago’s community programs can help you to develop the network, self-confidence, and strong principles you need to thrive in the tech world. Join our LinkedIn group to hear about upcoming opportunities.

Naomi Kaduwela, Head of Kavi Labs

Don’t be afraid to go into computer science or make other seemingly intimidating decisions ... You, too, can become a female leader in tech and pave the way for others to change the world.

Naomi Kaduwela she/her
Head of Kavi Labs
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