Phil Beltran

Phil Beltran is a seasoned data analyst and IT professional who has worked at UIC for 17 years. Expert in handling complex data sets and optimizing IT solutions, Phil plays a pivotal role in Break Through Tech Chicago’s work.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Phil’s career is witnessing students’ moments of success, from when they discover their tech interests to when they gain the confidence to independently tackle problems. He finds immense satisfaction in being a part of students’ exploration of the field.

Beyond the realm of data and IT, Phil is a passionate traveler, finding joy in exploring new destinations and experiencing diverse cultures. An avid runner, he embraces the challenge of marathons and enjoys the physical and mental benefits of a good run. Phil is also into gaming, immersing himself in the latest technological innovations and virtual worlds. He shares his home with a beloved 5-year-old Irish Golden Doodle, who adds a furry and fun dimension to his life.