Junior Data Scientist: Bioinformatics

Location: Anywhere (remote)

Salary: $70,000 – $106,000 (source: Built in Chicago)

This opportunity focuses on aiding with data processing, management, and analysis of dynamic cellular data in the contexts of both cellular and animal models. The long-term translational goal is to develop models to predict effective targeted programs of spinal cord electrical stimulation as part of “neuro-rehabilitation” in patients with paralysis or neurodegeneration.

These data will be generated by the lab and provided in pre-processed form:

  • Mouse behavior
  • Body position/location – pose estimation video capture (3 cameras) followed by DeepLabCut or similar
  • Physical sensors – force transducers, accelerometer, etc.
  • Automated localization analysis and counting of cFos positive cells from spinal cord images
  • Above + analysis of co-localization of cell type specific markers
  • Multi-unit array electrophysiology recordings of the neural activity in dozens to hundreds of units/cells in each animal
  • Above + “opto-tagging” to genetically identify specific units

You will …

  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a multi-dimensional shared space
  • Identify features/components (dimensionality reduction/PCA or similar)
  • Apply machine learning to identify key features and their relationships to “anchor” data (ex. body position)
  • Develop a user-friendly interface for internal (our lab) use and data exploration
  • Perform neural decoding, dynamical systems modeling, and data analysis (as noted above), including informal consultation on data pre-processing
  • Interpret and communicate results of analysis in written and oral formats to team, and generate accompanying graphical visualizations of data
  • Participate regularly in lab meetings and become an integrated team member
  • Develop a user-friendly data commons to facilitate exploration and discovery for members of the lab, spinal cord and motor control researchers, and the larger neuroscience and robotics communities