Software Engineer

Location: Hybrid/remote

Salary: $122,000 (source: Glassdoor)

Are you looking for a hybrid or remote work opportunity? Are you interested in a workplace that allows for flexibility in your day? Are you ready for a workplace that provides benefits that suit your needs?

As a software engineer, your primary mission will be to design, write, test, deploy, and support our software products.

We’re looking for someone who has an interest in developing next-generation technologies. You enjoy working with team members and having fun building something great. You are also versatile, display leadership qualities, and are enthusiastic about solving new problems across the full stack as we continue to push technology forward.

If you have the desire to be challenged and work where boredom is an anomaly, then join our Platform team. This team focuses on API development, user authentication, service and application management, component infrastructure, and other primary functions related to a large commercial software application being deployed in the cloud. The Platform team also develops primary services and extensibility points used by our company’s developer community.

You will …

  • Contribute to a team that solves complex challenges and builds working software
  • Produce high-quality code
  • Troubleshoot issues by fixing defects and responding to client-specific problems
  • Work on a scalable and dynamic web system that supports integration with multiple search engines, clustering technologies, and client component interaction through web services
  • Build distributable systems composed of multiple database, processing, and web servers that have the potential to be used in other industries that require heavy processing on big, unstructured document sets
  • After gathering relevant experience, you will handle technical support as a second line of support if Client Services is not able to solve an urgent issue